If you aren't developer in crypto...

You should become one!

This email would make you $2 per month passive income - it would be sneak preview of what would be possible in ETH ecosystem.

Not a financial advice, nothing is guaranteed and money at risk. As always

For usual people what they need from the company / the world is either the website or some app. You go to website dot com and use it.

If you are smart you will notice how repetitive basic stuff is: doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling - you will probably do similar things over and over.

Say you work in “social media“ - if you have to post some content on daily basis using schedule better to automate. So you would use https://buffer.com/ - and pay $15 and be limited in functionality to things buffer product owner decided to implement.

You are still limited by "data silo“

But what if you want to automate things that aren’t available out of the box? Those few rare edge cases not handled by SaaS?

You need to learn either zapier or basic python ( or another versatile scripting language )

Web business models vs “Agent based DeFi“

Source: https://www.slideshare.net/userfeeds

Web 3.0

So what you do with DeFi and what’s it’s purpose?

Say your actions would be:

Example python script for 0x762d141b8D9600bde64138762E6Fb38Efc56dcBA

from brownie import network, Contract
from brownie import accounts
import json
import requests

#Part above specifies dependencies and connects to the ETH mainnet. 
data = requests.get("https://api.etherscan.io/api?module=contract&action=getabi&address=0x762d141b8d9600bde64138762e6fb38efc56dcba").json()

# This part get's the smart contract ABI ( Application Binary Interface )  - so other programs would know which functions to invoke
abi = json.loads(data['result'])
# If you want to see how ABI looks like
c = Contract("HumanityDAO", "0x762d141b8D9600bde64138762E6Fb38Efc56dcBA", abi)

# Imagine being able to interact with any smart contracts with few lines of python. The net is vast and infinite  

# I strongly suggest trying this on testnet or trying with dedicated account with very low amount of ETH as mistakes are costly and real. 
c.claim({'from': accounts[0]})
# this sends the transactions if you provided ENV Infura key

What if ABI isn’t available? Or you aren’t sure what the claim function does?

You could use Eveem to decompile deployed smart contracts:

If you don’t understand this code? Well, you could always hire some dev or ask some community members for a write-up. This makes sure that there are multiple eyes looking at the code: it helps with transparency and making sure that you would still have access.

Final step :

Put code from previous section into crontab so it will execute for example once per month ( you don’t want to execute it too frequently as every transaction costs gas )

And second dollar?
Since HumanityDAO is open and open source somebody created an Smart Contract that pools the donated money together into Compound and uses interests to pay out UBI - similar procedure and website here: https://humanityubi.org/

I was thinking about monetising this newsletter but job opportunities I’m getting from keeping it open are out-weighting it.

Enjoy your $2 and don’t subscribe to paid newsletters - just DCA into crypto instead.